How to Search for the Right Job

Recruiters are dedicated professionals that are insightful and conscientious about making the best placements for job seekers.  MEDRelief Staffing recruiters would like to offer our unique perspectives into the job seekers experience.

Today’s helpful hint:  How to search for the right job.

For most people looking for the right job can be quite an ordeal and seem a lot like work.   The amount of time it takes applying to numerous jobs can become stressful and even a burden for the faint of heart.  In the old days, people found work going door to door and through word of mouth.  Your friends, family and colleagues would tell you about a company that was hiring.  You would go to the place of employment with resume in hand and asked for a paper application.  More often than not, you would complete the application while you were there.  After which you would submit your application to a real live person.

Now-a-days, we find ourselves lost in the ideologies and intricacies for where to look and how to begin.  Technology and the internet can be extremely useful tools for a job seeker if you know how to use them and you know where to start.  There are so many ways to search for the right job.  Unfortunately, doing a quick google search is simply not going to cut it these days.  With an abundance of online resources, job boards, career sites, and resume database search engines to choose from, how can you know which tool to use?  Our suggestion would be research what job boards and career sites are geared toward your profession or industry.  If you are a nurse, search for the most popular job boards for nurses and if you can narrow it down even further to geographic location that’s even better.

Once you find job postings that you are interested in, start applying!  Yes it is true that many companies craft a job description that creates the best scenario for their position.  After reading that description and you realize you meet some of the requirements but not all, go ahead and apply.  Now, if you are a nurse and they are asking for a radiologist, obviously that’s not the right job for you.  I cannot think of any situation that I reviewed a resume that exactly represented all aspects of the job description.  Some people think that if I don’t have all of the right stuff for the role, then why should I even apply? I am here to tell you that it’s it worth the time and risk of applying.

In today’s economy there are more jobs than qualified candidates.  It’s a numbers game, so the more jobs you apply for, the more interviews you will get.  Create more opportunities for yourself.  Remember our last episode, become a self-promoter of you!

Another point to consider, you should be interviewing the employer when considering a career.  Just don’t settle for a paycheck.  Look where the career path of the job will lead you.  Research the company before you submit that resume or application for review.   You will find that not every company is worth your time.

In addition to the job boards, you also have social media platforms that are geared toward driving talent and resources in a whole new direction. Having an online presence takes time, even more so an online presence helps you continue to maintain personal and professional relationships in the workforce.

Create your own experiences in life.  If you enjoy what you do at work, it’s not really like work after all. Try working with a temporary staffing agency and recruiter.  A staffing agency can make your job search less stressful and expedient.  Staffing companies rely on promoting qualified candidates to their clients in hopes to attract more business for the company.  Many successful long term placements have been made while working as a temp.

“If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?”   George Berkeley, a 17th Century empiricist

Tune in next time for Ask the Recruiter episode:  Prepare to interview before applying for the job.

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