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Recruiters are dedicated professionals that are insightful and conscientious about making the best placements for job seekers.  MEDRelief Staffing recruiters would like to offer our unique perspectives into the job seekers experience.

Today’s helpful hint: Become a self-promoter of you!

You are your best advocate.  No one can better promote your qualifications than you.  Take time to review the job details carefully and honestly convey your attributes to how you measure up to that job.  A hiring manager or recruiter cannot read into the mindset of the job seeker. In fact, in most cases they will not look beyond the printed words to see how you may measure up to that job.

Resume/CV writing 

Fact: Neither resumes nor CV’s will get you the job but they should be designed to get you the interview.  When creating a resume be mindful that the person on the other end wants to interview candidates that are a good fit for that job.

Give yourself every opportunity to show them that you mean business.   A generic resume will not convince someone that your skills, experiences, achievements and activities measures up to that job.  The resume should show that you are a candidate worthy of interviewing.

It should honestly convey your education, skills, experiences, attributes and personality.  Resumes will not tell the whole story, but it should reference what you have done, what you know, and what you can offer to a prospective employer.  Devote some time and forethought into redoing your resume before you submit it.

Always check spelling, punctuation, formatting and sentence style.  A small error can do more harm than you think.  Don’t be afraid to open up and share who you are.  We are all people with diverse backgrounds and ideologies and we need one another in order to survive.

Stay tuned for our next Ask the Recruiter segment:  Finding a job…where and how do I start?

Note: MedRelief Staffing is a healthcare staffing firm that places experienced healthcare professionals to work in hospital, clinic and medical facility settings.  If you have a year or more of direct patient care experience in healthcare, please reach out to one of our Healthcare Staffing Recruiters at Medrelief to discuss employment opportunities in Texas!

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