How to Interview: Episode 3 – Ask the Recruiter

Recruiters are dedicated professionals that are insightful and conscientious about making the best placements for job seekers.  MEDRelief Staffing recruiters would like to offer our unique perspectives into the job seekers experience.

Today’s helpful hint: How to interview.

Interviewing for a job causes anxiety to almost anyone.  In my experiences, I found delight and uncertainty in the prospect of meeting new people in the workforce who hold all the cards and make the important decisions on who will be their next hire.

I have learned to devote a little time and effort in crafting a great strategy to interviews. The old saying that “I can just wing it” is long gone.  More often than now interviewing does not always go well when you just “wing it” or go with the flow.  I devote my time to preparing for the expected interview in advance.  Every position I have ever applied to has been a painstaking effort to do preliminary research on the position, the company, the industry and how I may fit in to it.

10 Interview Strategies that Helped Me as a Candidate:
To learn more about my personal experience with the interviewing process and how the above 10 tips helped me throughout my career, click the individual links below…

  1. Look in the mirror to see what they will see. First impressions mean the most.
  2. Smile.  If you smile you are more approachable and smiles elicit smiles.
  3. Be prepared to explain gaps in jobs.  This might be difficult but as the old adage goes ‘best defense is a good offense’.
  4. Don’t be discouraged when the interview starts going wrong.  It’s ok to stop, collect your thoughts and refer to #2.
  5. Get to know your interviewer before the interview. People appreciate when you research the company and like to hear positive affirmations about their organization.
  6. Diversity and inclusion.  Emphasize your cultural fit and highlight the things in life that matter to you.
  7. Vocabulary.  Be articulate and expressive but never use to many big words unless it’s part of your daily speech patterns.
  8. Finish strong. Closing statements can bear fruit if you can just do one thing.  Ask for the job!
  9. Thank the interviewer.  Thank them for the opportunity to interview and for considering you for the position.
  10. Follow up.  Don t be afraid to take the initiative to ask when I should follow up or what is the next step in the process.

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