Is Per Diem or Travel Nursing a Career Path for You? 4 Reasons Why it Might Be!

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Today’s helpful hint(s): Four advantages to choosing a career as a travel or per diem nurse.

In nursing school, you probably thought long and hard about where you your nursing career would lead you.  While the normal career path is to work full time through a single employer some decide to pursue employment as a travel nurse or per diem nurse. Each career path has its benefits and rewards.  The one you choose should be based your own personal goals and expectations for your career path.

Travel Nursing – Travel nursing jobs provide lucrative pay, per diem, housing options and car allowances.  They are often at hospitals in remote locations, but some could be in a bustling city.  Hospitals and health care facilities rely on travel nurses to handle their elevated census in times of need. A lack of available permanent staff will drive the need for travel nursing placements.

Per Diem Nursing – “Per diem” means “per day” in Latin. Per diem assignments will allow you the flexibility to choose the days and shifts you want to work.  Usually these shifts are working in a variety of facility patient care settings providing direct patient care within the scope of your experience.  Per diem nursing gives you the flexibility to work when you want, where you want and maintain a work/ life balance.

A career in nursing is more than just the money, it’s about connecting with others. Nurses dispense comfort, compassion and care without the need of a prescription.  So, why not enjoy your career while being in new environments, locations and with new people that share your same vision?

Here are the top (4) reasons why temporary nursing may be a good fit for you.

  1. You can have flexible scheduling options
    Travel and Per Diem Nursing jobs can provide you with immediate opportunities to make extra money. Many perm jobs have a cap on what you can earn hourly and may not allow you to work overtime due to budget constraints.  Temporary Nursing can give you extra income and convenience and flexibility.  This flexibility and control of your schedule allows for your own work/life balance.  Life changes like starting a family or going back to school are more manageable with flexible staffing scheduling.
  2. You can earn higher wages
    Travel and per diem jobs typically pay competitive hourly pay rates.  Depending on experience, specialty, scope of care, qualifications, facility location and shift times, per diem nurses usually make more money hourly than most full-time hospital staff.  Agencies should be transparent about how they structure their pay scales.  Some Staffing Agencies provide benefits in additional to hourly pay or offer higher wages in leu of not providing benefits.
  3. You have variety of different facilities that you can work in
    Staffing agencies generally provide services to Hospitals, Clinics, Outpatient Centers, Free Standing ER Centers, Skilled Nursing facilities, Long term care facilities and Rehabs. Travel and per diem nurses can work in any type of patient care facility that they choose.  Choice does come with some guidelines and/or limitations though.  Most facilities require agency nurses to have a minimum of 1 year of patient care experience within the scope of the scope of practice in which they are wanting to work.  The opportunity to work in different clinical settings allows you to learn new skills, new techniques, and experience new environments.
  4. You get to develop a relationship with your Agency and Recruiter
    Most staffing agencies rely on the experience and expertise of healthcare professional in order to sustain their business.  I have helped over 10,000 healthcare professionals benefit from the experience of working as a travel or per diem agency nurse.  My philosophy is the nurse is the “Client” just the same as the facility.   Being an advocate for the travel and per diem nurse comes with great responsibility and the decisions I make impact the lives of the healthcare professionals we place and the patients that they care for.

I like to think that we are career guide’s helping nurses navigate the vast sea of healthcare. Sailing uncharted waters, traveling to new designation, weathering the storms, looking out to distant lands, while meeting new people.

We know that you have choices in what you want to do with your nursing career, and we hope that these 4 reasons might peak your interested in this unique career path. A great staffing agency and recruiter will take the journey with you when you are ready.

“Care for one…that’s love. Care for hundreds…that’s nursing.”

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