5 Interview Red Flags to Avoid

Sometimes, people forget that an interview is not just for a potential boss to interview you but also an opportunity for you to interview the company. An interview is your opportunity see whether the company would be a good fit for you and if you would enjoy working there. During the interview, you may see some red flags pop up, indicating that the facility will not be a good fit. What are some red flags you should look out for?

1. A Lack of Transparency

During an interview, you’ll get chances to ask questions about your role, expectations, and much more. If the interviewer gives you vague answers or tries to hide important information, this could suggest that the company is not committed to providing a fair and candid working environment. For instance, if they can’t provide a clear answer to who your supervisor will be or what benefits you’ll receive, there is something happening behind the scenes that might create a stressful work environment.

2. Job Doesn’t Sound Like the Job Posting

If at any point during the interview, the interviewer starts adding responsibilities or asking questions like, “are you comfortable doing MA tasks?”, but you’re interviewing for an RN position, this is a sign that you’ll either be overworked or do other things not related to your career. Additionally, an inaccurate job description on a job posting means the company is using false responsibilities to draw in talent and employees. This is probably not something you’d want in a future employer.

3. Negative Company Culture

During your interview, pay attention to what the employer is saying. Ask them to describe their company culture and see what things they like or dislike about working there. A company claiming to have a “family culture” might not be a good thing as the lines between personal and professional life tend to blur. The “family culture” encourages employees to share personal details and leads to an environment where employees get emotionally attached to the organization. This can lead to exploitation. If your employer says that they value people who work after hours, your work-life balance can be in jeopardy. You can also see why the position is open. If it’s a result of high turnover, that might be another red flag.

4. Unprofessional Behavior

Companies that don’t respect your time and keep rescheduling interviews or a rude interviewer suggest that the facility will not have a collaborative or positive work environment. If the employer asks inappropriate or illegal questions during the interview, such as questioning your age or marital status, the facility is most likely not a good fit for you. Other questions that are illegal include questions about your political beliefs, religious beliefs, your health, your heritage and ethnicity, or any other questions that would suggest the facility is engaging in discriminatory behavior.

5. Poor Communication

During the interview, you can see how the employer’s communication style is, but you can also examine it before and after the interview. Do they respond within a couple days, or do they respond months later? Has the interview process gone on for weeks or even months? Furthermore, if you ask them about the hiring process, do they give you a clear timeline of what to expect, or do they brush you off? Working in a company with poor communication might indicate that the company is disorganized or that they aren’t serious about filling the position.

Company red flags checklist

Find the Best Fit for You

Interviews are a great opportunity to determine if you would enjoy working with a company. Be aware of any red flags that would mean that the company is not the right fit for you. Look out for red flags such as a lack of transparency, an inaccurate job description, negative company culture, unprofessional behavior, and poor communication. Use the red flags as warning signs to avoid accepting a job that won’t be a good fit for you. This will help ensure that you will join a facility that values your skills, experience, and time.

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